IECA Announces New Member Benefit


We are excited to introduce IECA Connect, our new online community networking tool for members to collaborate, ask questions, share ideas, seek recommendations and more!

IECA Connect allows you to tap into the expansive knowledge and experience of our member community, and the more we all join in the discussions, the more we all benefit. With the reunification with Region Two, there has never been a better time to connect with peers from around the world any time, from any location. The opportunities to connect, communicate and collaborate with IECA Connect are endless.

Do you have a question or problem with a project that a fellow member can help out with? Start a discussion on IECA Connect. Is the BMP you’re using for your project the right one? Ask for recommendations on IECA Connect. Do you want to connect with a member directly, but don’t have their contact information? Look the person up in the IECA Connect Member Directory and connect!

Please review your profile to update your contact information, update your community preferences and set preferences for communication.


Trending Live Webinars

IECA holds monthly webinars, join us for one of the following April and May webinars.

IECA Great Lakes Virtual Connection: Coastal Erosion Management | April 121

Attend the IECA Great Lakes Virtual Connection: Coastal Erosion Management webinar series to explore the factors contributing to elevated water levels, the challenges they create, and mitigation techniques used to build resilience and address the issues. This series will examine areas impacted by coastal erosion; from the water line to the bluffs above and finally long-term revegetation and maintenance. The first two webinars are available on demand.

Water Management and Soil Protection in Mining | April 19-22

The Water Management and Soil Protection in Mining webinar series will explore environmental challenges of mining. This three-part series will examine how we can invest in environmental management in mining. The series will close with a panel discussion between industry leaders with the first two sessions available on-demand. 

The Practical Side of Implementing Stormwater Management | May 5, 12, 19, 26

The Practical Side of Implementing Stormwater Management sessions will focus on the role of the contractor in the implementation of stormwater management. The series will examine the why in stormwater management, what to look for in the field to stay in compliance while protecting soil and water resources, alternatives to the basics and achieving stabilization early on a project site.

IECA Western Virtual Connection: Stormwater Compliance on Construction Sites Through Teamwork | May 20

The panel will demonstrate how to incorporate the different perspectives into an agency friendly, stormwater management program that is easy to implement and maintain; ensuring the stormwater management program runs smoothly throughout the life of a project.


Reminder – IECA Virtual Annual Conference Sessions Available On Demand

In case you missed the IECA Virtual Annual Conference, you can register and access sessions that are available on demand until May 1. Education features content presented by knowledgeable experts that provides real world solutions to industry problems including plenary sessions, roundtables, fireside chats, technical papers, poster sessions and short courses. 

Call for Abstracts Open for the Following Events

MAC-IECA Regional Conference
2021, Sept 14-16
Dulles, Virginia
Abstracts Due June 1

IECA Texas Regional Conference
2021, Oct 11-13
San Antonio, Texas
Abstracts Due June 1

IECA Australasia Conference
2021, Oct
NSW, Australia
Abstracts Due June 1

IECA Mountain States Regional Conference
2021, Nov 15-16
Denver, Colorado
Abstracts Due July 1

Regional Conference Submission

2022 IECA Annual Conference and Expo
2022, Feb, 15 -18
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Abstracts Due June 4

Annual Conference Submission